I use DISC profile testing in my business and I find it serves me well.

DISC profile testing is also known as psychometric testing.

DISC stands for the 4 profiles which are Dominant, Influential, Steady and Conscientious. Below is a link with more explanation.


Also, if you’re new to disc then take a free basic test at the link below


I use the link above, paid version, to conduct my recruitment tests at around $30 each.

So why is DISC profile testing a great HR tool?

When commencing the daunting task of finding a new person for your business DISC is one tool to help you find the right person for you, your team, your culture, your industry and the job role. For other tools see my other blogg post…

Steps to using DISC efficiently (in recruitment) will include

  1. Find out your own DISC profile (with a detailed report)
  2. Make an effort to understand DISC profiling (by reading about it and noticing traits in other people)
  3. Work out what kind of profile will suit you and your business or enlist a professional to help you ie: http://www.theleadershipgym.com.au/ specialising in DISC
  4. Put DISC profiling into your recruitment process

An example of using DISC: In my business I find the perfect fit has a profile along the lines of C/D/I and this is because as bookkeepers I need them to be highly conscientious; I also prefer they’re an influential type person (for working with clients) and having dominance in their personality makes them direct-communicators which I find important for clients but also VERY important for me as I’m a high D/I and I struggle with indirect communicators (ie: subtlty).

I hope this blogg post inspires you to find out more about how DISC can help you in the area of recruitment.