The wonderful Meqa Smith at Unforgettable Agency is constantly reminding me that my number 1 marketing strategy must always be great customer service. Actually I was just looking at her new website and I’m again inspired when I read “marketing doesn’t get you customers, trust does”.

I could go on and on but for now I just want to talk about a tool I recently put into the marketing K.I.T. and in-case I’ve lost you with K.I.T. it’s my acronym for Keep In Touch.

This tool is a simple survey.

Surveying clients is a now a standard tool used by many organisations to engage with clients and to improve products and service in line with feedback. Think Telstra. You’re constantly surveyed by being asked 2 questions which are: on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being excellent and 1 being poor how would you rate the service you received today? And, what’s the main reason for this score.

Here’s what I love about surveying clients

  1. It’s conversational: 2 way rather than 1 way, engaging the client and pulling them in
  2. It’s completely relevant to the client, infact hey’re often looking for quick, easy ways to give feedback
  3. It’s automated: Ahhhh, don’t we love automation! Set it up once & it will just keep working. You can test, measure & change it as you like.
  4. It’s FREE and so it suits any marketing budget

So to actually implement this I had to think about when and why I communicate with my clients because I wanted to integrate it into an existing touch-point. Billing! It dawned on me (yes, the simplest things sometimes have to dawn on me). I send my clients bills frequently. Further, when we ask someone for money for our services what a great time to start a conversation about how the products or services we delivered “went down”.

I used survey monkey which is quite simple (there’s support notes too). With survey monkey I could create a link and then put that into the email templates which would go with the bills emailed out to clients. Most businesses these days use something like Xero, email templates are standard and so implementing a survey was easy. Once I created the survey and put the link in the templates that was it. Off it goes with every bill, every time. Automated!

I highly recommend surveying your clients as part of what’s in your marketing K.I.T.

If you want inspiration from Meqa on this and more you can reach her at her website

Happy surveying.